Head to Corsica for Fine Mediterranean Food

Corsican meals is a novel subset of Mediterranean delicacies. Alongside the normal Mediterranean greens, fruits like clementines, cedrats, peaches and figs are grown right here. Corsica is well-known for olives and olive oil, which is a crucial staple. Honey can also be a Corsican delicacy and bread was once constructed from native chestnuts, that are nonetheless used for confectioneries.


Seafood on Corsica is plentiful, contemporary and scrumptious. Chances are you’ll be shocked to study, nonetheless, that Corsica, unusually for an island nation, doesn’t have a powerful fishing custom. Assaults by maritime marauders meant that Corsicans principally regarded to the mountains and valleys for meals.


The boar looking season is between the center of August and the top of January. Boar is served frequently all through the autumn and winter months, although since it’s such a wealthy and heavy meat it’s not often served in summer season. It’s typically made into stews or sluggish grilled, to make the meat extra tender, and it may be scrumptious when correctly ready.

Pork, ham and so forth.:

Charcuterie is in considerable provide on the island and is maybe one of many issues for which Corsican delicacies is most well-known. The free vary and well-treated pigs reared on Corsica make for flavoursome sausages and ham. The lengthy drying interval additionally contributes to the lean texture and strong flavours. Coppa and Lonzu are in style charcuterie boxes meats. Figatelli is a liver sausage that can’t be made in summer season however is widespread for the remainder of the 12 months. Salsiccia is a dried sausage that’s extra flavoursome and lean than different related conventional French sausages. Actual Prisutto, the Corsican model of the uncooked ham delicacy, aged for no less than twelve months is a quite costly deal with for actual gourmands.


Like boar, that is extra of a winter meal, however child is in style round Christmas time. It’s usually pan fried with native herbs and served with pan fried potatoes, or cooked right into a stew with Corsican beans.


Corsican veal is completely different from veal elsewhere. Fairly than being purely milk fed it should have eaten grass earlier than it was despatched for slaughter. This makes the meat redder in color than different veal. This can be a strong meat with robust flavour and one to attempt for its uniqueness. It’s mentioned to be the herb maquis on which they graze that imbues the meat with its full and attention-grabbing flavours. Veal is usually cooked with olives in Corsica. It may also be stewed like child and boar. An particularly in style method to pattern Corsican veal is to have a steak fried and served with a fragile wine sauce.

Pigeons and Thrush:

Through the particular season it’s attainable to search out grilled pigeon in eating places, whereas out of season they’re not often served. Vacationers will probably solely come throughout the cooking of pigeons and thrush within the conventional Corsican pâté de merle or pâté de sansonnet.

No meat consuming meals lover may fail to like Corsican meals, with all its freshness and flavour.

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