Swimming Pool Accessories to Complete Your Remodel

Certainly! When remodeling your swimming pool, there are several accessories you can consider to enhance its functionality, aesthetics, and overall enjoyment. Here is a list of swimming pool accessories to complete your remodel:

  1. Pool Lighting: Upgrading your pool’s lighting can create a stunning visual effect and extend your poolside enjoyment into the evening. LED lights are energy-efficient and come in various colors to set the mood.
  2. Pool Covers: A pool cover not only helps keep your Phoenix Pool Remodel clean but also conserves energy by reducing heat and water evaporation. Automatic covers are convenient and easy to use.
  3. Pool Fence: Safety should be a priority. Install a secure pool fence or safety net to prevent accidents, especially if you have children or pets.
  4. Pool Heating System: Extend your swimming season by installing a pool heater. Options include gas, electric, or solar heaters, depending on your budget and climate.
  5. Pool Steps and Ladders: Consider upgrading your pool entry points with stylish and slip-resistant steps or ladders for both safety and aesthetics.
  6. Pool Tiles: Changing the tiles around the pool can dramatically change its look. Choose from various colors and patterns to match your design theme.
  7. Pool Decking: Upgrade your pool deck with materials like pavers, stamped concrete, or natural stone to enhance the area’s appearance and comfort.
  8. Pool Furniture: Invest in comfortable and durable poolside furniture like lounge chairs, umbrellas, and tables for relaxation and entertainment.
  9. Pool Floats and Toys: Keep a collection of fun floats and toys for both kids and adults to enjoy in the pool.
  10. Water Features: Add visual interest and a soothing ambiance with water features like waterfalls, fountains, or bubblers.
  11. Outdoor Shower: Install an outdoor shower near the pool area to rinse off before and after swimming.
  12. Poolside Bar or Kitchen: If you love entertaining, consider adding a poolside bar or outdoor kitchen for convenience and enjoyment.
  13. Pool Skimmer and Cleaner: Invest in an efficient pool skimmer and automatic pool cleaner to keep the water crystal clear with minimal effort.
  14. Poolside Storage: Keep pool equipment, towels, and accessories organized with a storage solution like a poolside storage bench or shed.
  15. Diving Board or Slide: For added excitement, consider adding a diving board or slide to your pool, provided you have the appropriate pool depth and space.
  16. Underwater Speakers: Enhance the swimming experience with underwater speakers that allow you to listen to music or audio while in the pool.
  17. Poolside Landscaping: Beautify the pool area with well-placed landscaping, including plants, trees, and shrubs that can provide shade and privacy.
  18. Safety Alarms: Install pool alarms to alert you to any unauthorized access to the pool area, adding an extra layer of safety.
  19. Pool Chemicals and Testing Kits: Don’t forget to stock up on pool chemicals and testing kits to maintain water quality.
  20. Poolside Entertainment: Consider adding outdoor TVs or a sound system for entertainment while lounging by the pool.

These swimming pool accessories can not only enhance the aesthetics of your pool but also improve safety, comfort, and overall enjoyment. Be sure to plan your remodel carefully, considering your budget and the specific needs and preferences of your family and guests.

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